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Committed to Craniofacial surgery.

Your patients deserve best in class products delivered by people who care. At Stryker, we specialize in craniomaxillofacial products; providing patient specific options and innovative solutions that drive efficiency in your surgical suite. We care and that’s why we are focused on providing you peace of mind through dedicated service, executing best-in-class medical education and offering specialized products inspired by your expertise. We invite you to visit with us during the ASCFS meeting in Hawaii.

MEDPOR Nostril Retainers

The Nostril Retainer is designed for use after aesthetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty, after rhinoseptoplasty, after rhinoseptochelioplasty, and/or primary and secondary rhinocheiloplasty, to aid in preventing nostril distortion. This small U shaped device is made of Medical Grade Silicone. The legs of the U are nasal stents designed to fit the shape of the nostril. The legs are connected by a nasal bridge that lies across the columella. Extending laterally from the legs are retention wings which are utilized for attaching the retainer to the patient.

Nostril retainers

Colorado Needle

An ultra-sharp microdissection needle designed for precision soft tissue cutting and coagulation. Offered in over 40 different sizes, the Colorado Needle offers the most comprehensive microdissection needle line on the market, allowing for precision hemostasis at a low power setting.

Colorado Needle Hero


Delta is a resorbable plating system designed for use in the fixation of bone of the craniofacial and midfacial skeleton affected by trauma, or for reconstruction. Delta has a polymer composition of 85% Poly L-Lactide, 10% Poly Glycolide, and 5% Poly D-Lactide, contributing to a combination of strength, absorption, and contourability. Be sure to check out this product for your next case requiring resorbable technology.

Delta Hero

A surgeon must always rely on his or her own professional clinical judgment when deciding whether to use a particular product when treating a particular patient.
Stryker does not dispense medical advice and recommends that surgeons be trained in the use of any particular product before using it in surgery. The information
presented is intended to demonstrate the breadth of Stryker product offerings. A surgeon must always refer to the package insert, product label and/or instructions for
use before using any Stryker product. Products may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory and/or medical practices
in individual markets. Please contact your Stryker representative if you have questions about the availability of Stryker products in your area.