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Advances in Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Advances in craniomaxillofacial trauma surgery courses, training for doctors


Two-day cadaveric program led by world renowned, interdisciplinary faculty focused exclusively on demonstrating advanced surgical approaches and techniques in Craniomaxillofacial trauma and reconstruction. The educational content is designed specifically for chief residents and fellows across multiple specialties. This highly sought after course is open to surgeons in accredited residency programs and fellowships throughout the US.


"I cannot say enough good about this course. The speakers were truly experts and, as promised in the introduction, they skipped through the basics and went straight to giving useful, practical, high-level advice. The cadaver sessions were the finest, most well-organized facility I have ever been in and the attentive supportive staff along with the quality and quantity of instrumentation available made the process disappear so that we could truly focus only on learning and training. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten a spot in what I consider to be a world-class, top notch training experience. Thank you all very much."

-- Chief Resident Georgetown University, Washington DC

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