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Soft tissue models

Elevating the way you deliver care to your patients.


We are proud to partner with MirrorMe3D to provide you and your patients with the next generation of patient-specific care: soft tissue models. 3D printed models provide a 1:1 anatomical representation1 of your patient’s external soft tissue. Tactile reference models help you track progress toward your intended outcome. Available in both baseline and simulated states, models represent your patient’s preoperative anatomy or your intended postoperative outcome.

Baseline model 3d

Left image
Baseline model

Patient's preoperative


Right image
Simulated model

Surgeon's intended

postoperative outcome

Use 3D imaging and proprietary technology to access more information and gain a new level of understanding. During a live SIM* session, soft tissue data provides additional landmarks for planning and assessing your intended soft tissue changes.

Visualize your intended outcome

Plan your soft tissue changes live on a SIM session with an experienced designer. Determine the changes you want to achieve during surgery by utilizing patient-specific 3D imaging and cephalometric analysis.  

SIM session model

Predictability model

Enhance predictability of outcomes

Dive deeper into your preoperative planning to better understand the soft tissue changes.

Evaluate deficiencies or deformities

When used together, baseline and simulated models provide a tangible and visual reference of the soft tissue reconstruction.

Evaluate deformities model

Monitor progress model

Monitor your progress

Comparing the nonsterile patient-specific models can increase your understanding of your intraoperative progress.


*Simulated design sessions are not required for baseline models.

1: Based on MirrorMe3D internal anatomical accuracy testing

MirrorMe3D’s soft tissue models can only be used intraoperatively in a nonsterile environment and are manufactured by MirrorMe3D and distributed by Stryker.

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