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Traditional methods for cranial reconstruction do not account for post surgical hard and soft tissue atrophy that occurs over time, leading to persistent temporal hollowing (PTH). PTH causes drastically altered appearances and could possibly cause patients to seek revision surgery for an improved quality of life.

Pterional PLUS uses the design process and materials already proven for customized cranial implants that are designed to enhance the post operative results over time. Repeat procedures using our Pterional PLUS implant experienced no PTH.2 Therefore, patients who receive a PLUS implant may not require a revision surgery to correct PTH; surgeons maybe more efficient, and healthcare could be more cost-effective. 2

Plan ahead.

Features and benefits

  • Reconstruction for both bony and soft tissues
  • Design session utilizes a patented dynamic algorithm, allowing the designer to augment and adjust the implant based on the surgeon's requests
  • Available in MEDPOR and PEEK materials, to accommodate the preferred surgical application

1: Amir Wolff, DMD, Gabriel F. Santiago, MD, Micah Belzberg, BS, Charity Huggins, AS, Michael Lim, MD, Jon Weingart, MD, William Anderson, PhD, MD, Alex Coon, MD, Judy Huang, MD, Henry Brem, MD, and Chad Gordon, DO, FACS. “Adult Cranioplasty Reconstruction With Customized Cranial Implants: Preferred Technique, Timing, and Biomaterials” The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, Vol 00, No. 00, 2018, pp

2: Asemota, A., Santiago, G.F., Zhong, S., Gordon, C.R. (in press). “Comparative Cost Analysis of Single and Mutli-Stage Temporal Deformity Correction Following Neurosurgical Procedures”. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery [2018].

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