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DuraMatrix-Onlay Plus


DuraMatrix-Onlay PLUS is derived from purified, bovine Achilles tendon. It is intended for use as a dura substitute for the repair of dura mater. In addition to the thick, spongy texture, this fourth-generation DuraMatrix product has a minimally porous, collagen layer. This layer helps produce a lower liquid permeability rate compared to that of DuraGen Plus as shown in a bench test.1,3 DuraMatrix-Onlay PLUS offers a balanced resorption profile that occurs over approximately 8 weeks.2,3

Restore with confidence.

Features and benefits

Leak resistant

One surface is smooth and minimally porous, demonstrating effective protection against CSF leakage.1 ,2, 3

Balanced resorption & tissue repair

Resorption time of approximately 8 weeks occurred at a balanced rate to support host tissue repair.2, 3


Sponge-like product that is designed to conform to the natural contours of the defect site.


Derived from highly purified type I collagen.


1. In vitro data on file at Collagen Matrix, Inc.

2. Rabbit duraplasty study. Data on file at Collagen Matrix, Inc.

3. The results of pre-clinical and in vitro studies may not be indicative of human clinical outcomes.

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