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Patient-specific implants for your cranial and facial aesthetic and reconstructive needs.

Our iD Solutions portfolio allows you to address your patient's desire for complete restoration and aesthetic results through our Cranial iD and Facial iD products and services. You drive the artistry of each implant through a design session with one of our Design Engineers and select your choice of material including MEDPOR, PEEK and titanium. Provide your patients with fit unique to their anatomy.


Cranial iD

Our Cranial iD implants allow you to address your patient’s desire for complete cranial restoration and aesthetic results in the material of your choice including MEDPOR and PEEK. Visit our Cranial iD page to learn more.

Facial iD

Use our Facial iD implants for your midface and mandibular reconstructive needs or let one of our implants help you achieve a desired aesthetic result. Visit our Facial iD page to learn more.


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