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AXS Neuro Driver

Our innovative spin on restoration


The AXS™ Neuro Driver puts you in control when placing screws during your cranial procedures. The driver is programmed with a smart algorithm to sense when a screw has been inserted and stops at the optimal time. You retain full control if you need to stop sooner, simply release the button.

Close and restore with confidence

Close and restore

Multi-speed screw insertion 

for delicate procedures

Auto-insertion functionality

compatible with

our advanced AXS neuro screws

Single-use battery

always ready to go

AXS Driver_Close


Screw insertion mode + Drill mode

for maximum versatility

Convenient reverse function

for removing screws


The driver made to work with

our advanced AXS screws

Gray bar

AXS™ - Axial stability screws


Enhanced pick-up

helps improve complications related to handing off a loaded screwdriver


Low profile screw heights

4mm SD screw with blue plate - 0.55mm

4mm SD screw with gold plate - 0.6mm


Self-centering feature

facilitates off-axis insertion

Realtime visual feedback for driver modes and troubleshooting

AXS Neuro Driver_Auto insertion screw mode_green light

Auto insertion screw mode  

Green lights indicate AXS™

Neuro Driver is in auto insert  

mode for screw insertion

AXS Driver Continuous Lights

Continuous drill mode  

Blue lights indicate AXS™

Neuro Driver is in non-torque  

limiting/drilling mode

AXS Neuro Driver_Error lights

Error indicator

Allows the user to

troubleshoot based upon

realtime visual feedback

NF-SM-4_ Rev.None_29283


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