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Pediatric Mandibular Distractor

with anti-reverse mechanism

Dependability. At every turn.

We were founded by a physician with a desire to deliver superior product solutions and a drive to improve clinical results. The Leibinger legacy continues today as we collaborate with surgeons and medical professionals around the world. In keeping with Leibinger’s reputation for quality and service, the pediatric mandibular distraction device is the latest generation of innovative product solutions for pediatric patients.

pmd 2x2 20mm left2x2 left,
20mm and 30mm distraction lengths

pmd 2x2 20mm2x2 right,
20mm and 30mm distraction lengths

pmd 3x3 left3x3 left,
20mm and 30mm distraction lengths

3x3 right3x3 right,
20mm and 30mm distraction lengths

Features and benefits

Milled device

Milled device

  • Distraction body is a single unit milled from one solid block of titanium 
  • Footplates are not welded onto the distractor body, diminishing weak-points between the body and footplate connection


Anti-reverse mechanism

  • Mechanism is located discreetly within the distractor body
  • Once activated it prevents the device from distracting in the reverse direction

Type 2

Type II anodization

  • Body and footplates undergo Type II anodization, improving the surface finish
  • Finish may reduce the risk for tissue and bone adhesion, which can simplify the device removal

Concealed distraction mechanism

Concealed distraction mechanism

  • Slot location potentially reduces exposure to osteotomy site
  • With less exposure to the osteotomy site, risk for tissue interference may be reduced

In-office removal

In-office removal of rod

  • Removal of the activation rod can be completed within office/out-patient settings, potentially eliminating the need for additional OR time and cost
  • An audible click signifies disconnection and the ability to remove the activation rod

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