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Multi Guide II Mandibular Distractor hero

Multi-Guide® II

Mandibular Distractor


Designed to give you control in guiding deficient or misshapen mandibles. Provides you with the ability to independently and simultaneously distract and manipulate facial bones in more than one plane. Multi-Guide II gives you post-operative control during augmentation of mandibular bone segments.

Features and benefits

Multi-Guide with Callouts

Muti-plane augmentation

Allows for linear, angular and transverse manipulation of the mandible. Use of the Multi-Guide II may eliminate donor-site morbidity and relapse associated with bone grafting.

Independent distration

Device is designed for independent linear distraction of both the ramus and body of the mandible.

Optimized thread design

Threads of the distraction arms are designed to help reduce tissue binding.

Storage Container Multi-Guide II


Device and instrumentation are color-coded for easy identification.


CMF-WC-74_Rev. None_25701


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