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Facial iD Mandible Reconstruction Plate


Based on patient specific anatomical data (CT scan) and direct input from the surgeon, Stryker’s Facial iD Mandible Recon Plate, also known as the Customized Mandible Reconstruction Plate, is designed to meet the individual needs of patients and surgeons. After the data is received, a design session is set up between the surgeon and a design engineer.

In collaboration with 3D Systems, Virtual Surgical Planning can be used if desired. Their expertise in surgical planning, guide/template design, and additive manufacturing combine to offer a product useful for improving surgeon confidence and enhancing outcomes.

Individually designed. Personalized care.

New Features and benefits

Anatomical design

Plate is designed using patient specific CT data and is delivered pre formed to match the planned design to the patients anatomy.

Customizable design

Proprietary software to select specific plate design features such as profile height, screw hole location, and 3D run of the plate.

Bar width increase

Ability to increase individual bar width up to 7.5mm.

VSP technology

Allows for the transfer of the virtual plan to surgery using patient specific osteotomy and positioning guides

Fatigue Strength

May be improved by approximately 40% compared to standard Universal Mandible reconstruction plates.1


Ability to extend the plate in multiple directions.


Allows for anatomical positioning on your patient's bony anatomy.

Closer Screw Holes

With our latest Facial iD mandible reconstruction plate, screw holes can be placed 3mm closer together.


1. Dynamic Testing. Reports available at Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG 

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